Spring 2

Year 5 and 6

We have an action packed half term ahead of us full of exciting learning opportunities!


This half term in Masarnen we are busy making sure that we know all our sounds to help us spell, we will write Dragon stories and we’ll be looking at persuasive texts.

In Collen, we will be learning to write a newspaper article, a letter of explanation and a persuasive text.

In Llwyfen, we will be learning to write a biopgraphy of a Welsh person, play scripts, letters, a persuasive report and a narrative.


All classes will be tested weekly on their timetables to make sure that we know them in random order and the inverse (division facts).

In Masarnen, we will be learning about area of triangles, data handling (line graphs and pie charts), ratio and decimals.

In Collen, the units we are learning are: fractions, angles and perpendicular and parallel lines.

In Llwyfen, the units we are learning are: fractions, angles and ratio.

Miss Moffatts group are focusing on multiplication and division this half term.


We are still learning about Africa this half term. We will be applying our numeracy skills to create a line graph that compares daily temperatures and a pie chart on land usage in Botswana. We will be applying our literacy skills by researching information and presenting our work, writing a letter to Mr Davies about Fairtrade Footballs and create an information book.


We will be continuing our work on Forces, focusing on water resistance and Space.


This half term we are focusing on emails, sharing documents and working on a collaborative online document.


We have been working hard preparing for our Eisteddfod. We have been studying the Welsh artist Peter Prendergast, busy practicing our recitals and learning our Welsh songs.


  • Dangerpoint
  • Library visit for World Book Day
  • Maths Quiz Finals



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