Criw Cymraeg is a group of children at Ysgol Maes Y Felin that help promote the Welsh language throughout the school.

These children will help to record evidence of how well we use Welsh throughout the school and what we can do to improve. Criw Cymraeg have a weekly meeting and any ideas or suggestions that relate to or can help to utilise Welsh at Ysgol Maes Y Felin are always welcome.

We use Tocyn Iaith in every  class at Ysgol Maes Y Felin as a reward for children using Welsh. This is a small ticket with the Welsh flag on and these are being given to children for using Welsh by the class teacher.

Before Key Stage assembly two members of Criw Cymareg will come to each class and collect the Tocyn Iaiths and add them up. During assembly time on the same day it will then be announced by Criw Cymareg which class has received the most tickets for the past week. Each child from that class will then be rewarded with three dojos.

We love hearing more Welsh being used throughout the school day!


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